Bodysculptors Fitness

What about Personal Trainers?

At Bodysculptors Fitness we approach training differently. We don't push you into training you don't need, yet we are available to help when you want it, so getting help with your form doesn't require training sessions you don't need... just ask.

If you do want a trainer, our trainers work independently. That means you are simply paying them for their time, not a big club fee. 

Whether you are looking for a long term trainer, a program upgrade or just a push once in a while. We can help you pick the trainer that's right for you. 

(Click on the trainers picture to link to their email or website) 

Our Trainers

Deanne May 

is the co-owner of Bodysculptors and started teaching fitness in 1990 as part of her life long battle with the bulge. Her speciality is rehabilitation of injuries and functional exercise. 

Rob Churchill 

Co-owner of Bodysculptors and an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder with 3 Canadian Championships and multiple Power lifting awards. With more than 30 years experience Rob trains competitive athletes that are serious about committing to their program.

Roy Willis BPE

Roy brings a lifetime of experience as an educator and coach to our gym. His love of fitness and refusal to give into age are only two of his strengths. Roy has an enthusiasm and an energy that is infectious. If you are trying to get started, or looking for a boost in your workout, Roy is your man.